8 February 2012

Too posh to play?

Just outside my local supermarket is low wall about twelve inches high, that borders a small flower bed. Kids can not resist the urge to walk along that wall, (and if truth be told, I wouldn't mind having a go myself!) usually with their mum walking alongside holding their hands.

Today as I walked past, a little lad jumped on the wall and started walking. His mum was horrified and told him to get down. Not because he was might fall and hurt himself - oh no. As she explained in a snooty voice, 'You are drawing attention to us".


So what?!

Darling, you are not exactly Posh Spice trying to sneak a quick trip to the supermarket for a packet of frozen peas. The kid was enjoying himself - so what if he was "drawing attention" to you both?In any case, until you opened your mouth, no one would have noticed because half the kids who go shopping with their mum or dads do it. I don't care that you made yourself look a total prat, your little boy must have felt pretty deflated as people turned around in amazement.

Wouldn't it have been a lot nicer if you had just taken his little hand and walked along with him?

It reminded me of an incident a couple years ago when a mother whose son attended the local private school scolded, "Don't be so loud dear - remember who your father is".

Considering that school has produced some our best known high class crooks and wheeler dealers, I wouldn't worry too much if I were her.

Let kids do kid things - never mind about "keeping up appearances".

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