23 March 2012

Annie Hall and The Bag of Spuds

It's not often I get asked to dance, and certainly not while lugging around two and a half kilos of spuds, a bag of onions, three liters of milk, a lettuce and other assorted groceries.Today however, it happened. OK, let's be fair about this, it wasn't so much an invitation as a "hint".

I had come to the end of my shopping and decided to spend a few minutes listening to a Latin American band, (in the rather poor camera phone photo) that was singing, "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps". As is often the case, there were a few people on the grassed area in front of the stage, dancing, swaying or swinging along. I stood listening and enjoying both the music and the sunshine. I turned my head to look around and it was then I noticed, "Annie Hall".

Of course that wasn't really her name, it's just that her clothes looked straight out of Annie Hall, and she had the appearance of Annie Hall - or more specifically, Annie Hall as she would look now. I live in a friendly suburb and total strangers often exchange smiles of acknowledgement when near to one another, or a "Hello" or "Lovely day isn't it". That's what we did. Smiled and went back to looking at the band.

A few minutes later, I looked around to see if the queue at the bakery across the plaza had eased a bit, and she smiled again - this time however, casting her eye towards where a few adults and a couple of ankle biters were more or less moving in time to the music, which by this time was "Sway" as made famous by Dean Martin. Not only do I love that song, but I fully intend to dance to it - but that dance is well and truly booked. It will be the first dance, the last dance and every dance in between.

I pretended not to notice the hint, smiled back, looked at my watch and said "enjoy the music" turned, avoided a kid on a scooter and went on my merry way.

There was of course another consideration. Carrying around two heavy bags of groceries on a fairly hot day, does not make me inclined to do anything other than to get home, have a nice cup of tea and see if I can get my breath back from where I last left it. Dean Martin may have been smooth but I wonder how smooth he would have been after carrying that lot around! Anyway, until recently I'm the kind of guy who thought Tango and Salsa was a flavor of crisps!

Oh yes - in case you are wondering, that guy in the picture at the top - that isn't me. Fooled you for a moment didn't it! :)

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