15 March 2012

Faceless Strangers

Her golden locks had grayed through days of eternal night
In a world where Faceless Strangers held rising suns in chains of hopeless bondage
Leaving The Dark free to pirouette on seas of long shed tears.
She longed for silence, though silence was all around.
She could hear him.
Hear his last breath. His last words.
And she could hear Them also.
The Faceless Strangers on distant neon shores.
As so many before had heard them too.
And so many yet to come.
Oh how their words cut through a heart that beats not with life
But with hate, despair and anger.
She closed her eyes so she could see The Past
For she had already seen The Future.
She could hear him.
Hear his first breath. His first words.

Wherever you may be - be safe
Copyright Mike Hitchen Online, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia. All rights reserved