10 March 2012

Teaching an old dog...

Bob was the sort of bloke you could imagine having a chat to over the backyard fence. You've met the type I'm sure. If you bought a new lawnmower, he would be sure to say, "You should have asked me - I could have got it cheaper from this bloke I know." Wherever you plant your geraniums, Bob will ask, "You sure you want to put them there? Myself, I'd put them over in that corner - but it's up to you of course".

Bob was a self made man. No time for school, no time for "fancy universities" or "pointless courses" ("nothing they can teach me that life hasn't already taught me mate"). Bob would be a challenge for any consultant.

He had been persuaded to seek help in updating his business, communication and human resource skills - especially the last skill set! Don't get me wrong, Bob had a heart of gold, but these days there is no place for Bob's brand of, "Be a good girl love and make us a cup of tea will you?" accompanied by a wink of a twinkling eye.

This was something I tried to impress upon him. It was an uphill job and I had to contend with the usual defenses such as, "ah, there' no harm in it mate - the girls know I'm joking and don't mean anything".

However, I persisted and one day smiled with with pleasure and self satisfaction as Bob sat down with me in his office and informed me, "I've been thinking about what you said - and you're right. I should change my attitude towards women."

"I am glad you see it that way" I replied and invited him to carry on.

"From now on mate, I will employ more women, and I will promote more women. They shall all be treated equally".

It seemed I had won!

"In fact, I have already promoted Jackie to the head of sales position"

This was even more of a success than I could have imagined!

I could not place Jackie and sought Bob's help to identify her.

"You know Jackie.,," he smiled

.."The one with the short skirt and big knockers".

*Not an actual event but based on a real conversation!

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