25 April 2012

Gallipoli - A Tale of Two Murdochs'

Leveson Inquiry
Photo: Sir Keith Murdoch
It's ironic that Rupert Murdoch, "The Dirty Digger" as he was initially dubbed by the British media establishment, will appear before the The Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press, on ANZAC Day - the day Australia celebrates the Gallipoli landing in 1915.

Ironic because it was Rupert's father, the highly regarded Keith Murdoch, who broke the rules, overcame censorship, survived being arrested after being betrayed by H. W. Nevinson, the correspondent for the Guardian, to reveal the true horror of Gallipoli.

Certainly, much of Keith Murdoch's report was embellished, but as Phillip Knightley wrote, "the basis of the charges – that the Gallipoli expedition was in danger of disaster – was correct, and Murdoch's action, questionable though it may have been, had resounding consequences."

Two things come to mind.

As can be seen by my previous posts and tweets, I am no great fan of Rupert Murdoch. But I can't help wondering if his determination to control and influence the British Establishment, has it's roots in the way his father was treated by the British establishment.

Secondly, in 1915, Keith Murdoch used the power of the media for good. Can his son, "The Dirty Digger" sit before Leveson on ANZAC Day, and say the same thing?
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