12 April 2012

Hey, experts - leave the kids alone

Teen idols and one direction
So, One Direction is in town and the media are falling over themselves interviewing "experts" to analyze every little detail the "phenomenon." Will boy bands last? What drives teenage girls to such hysteria? Why it's harmful to young audiences.

For Pete's sake, teenage girls have been idolizing stars since Rudolph Valentino, and quite likely before that as well. It happened with Donald Peers (see photo circa 1950), Frank Sinatra, Johnny Ray, The Beatles - the list goes on and on. I have yet to see anyone who has suffered long term problems in adulthood as a result of temporary teen worship of a pop singer or band.

Here's an idea. Why not just let the kids enjoy it? They are under enough artificially created pressure from society, the education system and so called "experts," without using their devotion to come up with yet another headline grabbing, "Kids gone wild" story so beloved by media who pander to the prejudices and selective memories of the "Wasn't like that in my day" brigade.
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