5 April 2012

The Woman and The Boat

Beneath the bridge where once their footsteps lightly danced as they walked
She now quietly sat, watching the ripples of the river
Through once laughing eyes now filled with tears.
Head back she closed her eyes
The sting of her weeping on her cheeks, upon her heart
She felt the breeze on her neck
She felt it on her hair
For a moment she was free
Free from the pain, free from her solitude
Eyes closed tighter, she called his name
Tighter, tighter. Harder, harder.
It must work. It must!

Her eyes slowly lifted
Gently peeking, softly, carefully.
She was alone.
She knew he had gone forever.
Smoothing her white dress
The one he liked so much
She stood slowly, painfully.
Closing her eyes once more
Her feet bare upon the earth

For a moment, she heard their laughter
Till sadness came with its mocking, smothering dirge
She began to walk
Inch by inch
Tear by tear
One step closer each time
Remembering all the days they laughed and loved
Remembering that day.
That sunny day.
That turned to darkness long before the fall of night.

The dark clouds rolled in
The river angered with the rain that came from nowhere
He could not control the boat
He could not control their destiny
The river had snatched both from his once strong, but now feeble hands
They could make it back he told her as he tightly held her hand.
"We can make it. I promise"
The last words to come from the lips that once caressed her own.
The last, apart from her name carried on the wind.

She looked at the water flowing relentlessly towards the sea
Pausing briefly to wipe away the tears.
She stepped into the small, rickety, wooden boat that awaited
And freed it from the rope that held it fast
"Just as the boat will free my sadness" she told herself
Taking her to the sea
Taking her to him.
Wherever you may be - be safe  
Copyright Mike Hitchen Online, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia. All rights reserved