6 June 2012

Of breaks and Jubilees

For the last couple of weeks I have had a notice on the right hand side of this blog notifying readers that the blog, and therefore myself, will be taking a break, returning June 05, 2012.

That was the intention.

Today is the 6th and I find myself no nearer a post than I was during the break.

It's not as though not much has been happening since I have been away. After all, who could have missed the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Four days of extravagant pomp and ceremony, selective memories of the good old days and plenty of re-written history, something my homeland does so well.

On a grey day, The Great White Queen sailed grandly down a murky river on what appeared to be a floating Chinese Restaurant, waving to her loyal subjects - at least the one's who hadn't been killed in far away countries in her name.

The British media lapped it up. Of course had an African or Middle Eastern country put on such a garish display of pomp and ceremony, the same media would have been up in arms, and the same people who waved made in China Union Jacks, would be making their distaste loud and clear.

In this case however, it is allowed because after all, what a lovely family the Royal Family is. They could teach us all a thing or two about family values citing successful relationships like Princess Margaret, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Princess Anne as shining examples of loyalty, love and devotion.

At the end of the extravaganza, the Queen, was treated to the predictable fly past of WW2 aircraft - even though she was not Queen during the war. But hey - why be trivial - what's a British pageant without bringing the war into it - and of course, Cliff Richard and the Red Arrows.

In case you should have missed the jubilee, have no fear - you can do it all again in three years.

Right, now let's see if I can think of a post.
Wherever you may be - be safe  
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