12 November 2012

The Cry of They Who Turn No Backs

Hesitantly, She opened Her mouth
His words came out slowly, almost reluctantly
Yet spoken with a strength She'd forged from years of pain
We listened, we felt His pain 

They listened too

They laughed
They scorned
They derided and discredited
It's what They do
What They have always done

And then...

They gloated

For again, They had made the tears that fall from eyes
That have seen the worst
But rarely seen the best

She felt fresh wounds as They turned Their backs
The Rod of Denial struck his back once more

We watch

We listen. We wait

For They that are powerful
Will one day hear the Cry
The Cry of they who turn no backs
Pull no strings
Call in no favors

Her soul will despair no more
His heart no longer bleed.

Wherever you may be - be safe  
Copyright Mike Hitchen Online, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia. All rights reserved