15 January 2013

Savile has never faced a judge - but his victims are still being judged

Certain journalists and sections of the media, are complaining that Jimmy Savile has been denied the right to put his side of the story

Whilst this is true, they ignore the fact that for so many years, even decades, his victims were denied the right to tell their stories.

Such journalists, accuse victims of not speaking before, and even only wanting compensation. They fail to understand, that during much of the time Savile operated, children who spoke out against adults, were not believed

They were accused of being a "nasty little child telling lies"

In the case of Savile, victims had his fame, power and Establishment protection to contend with.

So to journalists dismayed by a perceived lack of justice - I really don't give a damn about Savile's rights. I care about victims

Victims who even today, are being smeared by smart-alec, detached from reality, wet-behind-the-ears keyboard clickers

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