12 March 2013

"A bloke down the pub told me"

A joke - with a political moral at the end

Two guys are talking in the bar on top of the world's highest building. One man says to the other, "Did you know that the air currents at this height are so peculiar, that if you climb over the safety barrier on the viewing platform, the currents will catch you, float you around and land you safely back on the viewing platform.

The second man looks at him with scorn. 'Don't believe a word it"

"Oh, but it's true. Well known fact. All very scientific. Tell you what, I bet you $100 that I can prove it"

Immediately, the second man said, "You're on."

Casually the Know it All, walked out of the bar and on to the viewing platform. He looked around to make sure he wouldn't be stopped by security, scaled the barrier - and jumped.

The other drinker looked on in disbelief watching his fellow drinker glide this way and that, upwards and downwards, before landing safely back on the platform.

Grudgingly the second man took out his wallet and left the bar.

The Know it All leaned on the bar and sipped his drink. The bar tender wiped a glass, looked at him and said, -

"You know something - you can be a real smart ass at times Superman"!

The moral of the story? When it comes to politics, don't fall in to the, "a bloke down the pub told me" trap - even if they claim they can prove it. Find out for yourself from reliable sources!

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