2 March 2013

St David's Day Memories

On St David's Day, my school didn't allow boys to wear daffodils, or girls to wear leeks.

Girls had to wear daffs, boys, leeks. Girls were not allowed to take woodwork, boys not allowed to take "Domestic Science"

However, it wasn't all discriminatory. No pupil, neither girl nor boy, was allowed to show initiative. Can't have that can we old chap?

Oh those days in those small Welsh schools, with small Welsh teachers, reeking of tobacco, chalk and self-righteousness

And where are you now, with your blazers, capes and canes? Who knows your name? No one. Not even I.

You are as faceless and nameless now, as you were then; while what you tried to stifle, flourishes. Unleashed, Unhindered.Unrepentant. 
Wherever you may be - be safe  
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