3 April 2013

Hello darkness my old friend

After taking a break of nearly three weeks, (during which time, I did nothing that I had planned, but a lot of things that business and technology tends to throw at poor, unsuspecting souls!) I have returned to blogging.

I had hoped I would return to a more positive, encouraging, hope filled world. "Ban delighted over success of peace talks" instead of the usual mantra, "Ban voices concern over" or "still work to be done"

I knew I wouldn't but I will never surrender my right to Hope.

Instead, I returned to childish, but potentially catastrophic brinkmanship, corruption, cover ups and the voices of victims being drowned out by the voice of authoritarianism.

Researching material for the blog, familiar lyrics ran through the concert hall in my mind..

'Hell darkness my old friend.."

But blogging is what I do, my passion - and I will keep doing it until (as previously stated) May 2015.

Although unlike so many celebrities, I wont guarantee there wont be a comeback tour!
Wherever you may be - be safe  
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