5 June 2013

I have conducted a poll of myself

I have conducted a poll of myself and the result reveals 100% of me is a boring Internet user.

I bought myself a laptop and it's - sitting there. Over there, next to that big aspidistra. I'm sitting here wondering what to do with it.

If I go out - I am out. I want to see things, not send emails or conduct business. I can do that in the place assigned for business. If I want a chat, I'll visit or phone and say, "Hey now Mama come on over here"

I can't see myself sitting in a harbourside cafe, ignoring the beauty around me while I focus on a 15.6 inch screen that I can't see properly, and that for some reason, keeps flashing up the time in front of my eyes!

It does have a built-in webcam, which is very exciting and full of potential. Why or what, I have no idea.

I don't play games apart from the games I had years ago. Need For Speed 2000, the original Red Baron and Space Cadet pinball. Oh and a very old but very good, snooker game. I don't play pool as I always avoid being behind the eight ball.

I watch news videos but only one or two music videos per day

On top of all that, it's just another thing I have to recharge. I swear blind 50% of my work day involves plugging things in to recharge

I used to love technology. You name it, I knew all about it and had to have it. Now? I'd be quite happy with a floppy that actually flopped and an operating system that is user friendly.

It's a nice laptop though. It will be even nicer when I've cleaned all the fingerprints off the shiny bits!

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